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Happy Anniversary

We have been blessed with some seriously fabulous weather, the past few days.  While our neighbors to the south are being tortured with temps over 100, we’ve been in a dreamland of high temps in the 70s/80s and lows in the 50s.  It’s dreamy.

July and August are always the worst months of the year, in my opinion, and I’m usually in a constant state of sweaty self-pity as I beg for fall to come quickly. But this year, I have absolutely nothing to complain about.

Still though, I can’t help the fact that I become giddy at the mere mention of autumn.  Last year I wrote about my love of all things fall.  One of those “things” was the clothing.

Each year, in mid-July, Nordstrom likes to tease me with fall clothing by dangling all sorts of warm and cozy goodies in front of me.  Boots, scarves, light-weight sweaters, jeans, jackets, and lots of other pretties, join together in order to celebrate Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale.

I was unfamiliar with the Anniversary Sale, before I lived in a city that actually had a Nordstrom.  Once introduced, I couldn’t believe what I had been missing all those years before.  I may have actually cried.   But then I pulled myself together and licked my wounds with a fabulous new pair of shoes.

The sale started last Friday and I had every intention of hitting it the very first day.  But then I decided this kind of event deserved my undivided attention.  In other words, I didn’t want to take Arle along for the ride.  She really is a pretty great shopper, but still, I wanted to be able to wander and linger.

I ended up going on Saturday while Miss was down for her nap and, oh, did I have fun.

The only misfortune of the day came when they were sold out of every single pair of shoes I wanted to purchase.  I had my heart set on buying a pair of flats in a brownish-goldish-tanish-bronzy kinda color.  When I received the sale catalog in the mail two weeks ago, I found the PERFECT pair on the back cover.  I just knew it was fate.  Evidently, I was wrong.  They were sold out.

I looked around and found four more pairs that would have fit the bill.  I was sure they would have at least one of them in my size.  No such luck.  It was sad.

I finally admitted shoe-department defeat and went on my way.   Luckily, though, I ended up finding lots of other great things for Trav, Arle, and myself.

Now I’m just counting down the days ’til we can pull out all of our goodies and wear them.

For those of you that don’t have a Nordstrom nearby, you can always shop online and get the same great deals.

Happy shopping!


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Fashionista Friday: 3rd Edition

Arle’s opinions on her attire are increasing in intensity.  My grandmother sent her an adorable little green jacket that I really wanted her to wear yesterday.  I managed to get her jeans and shirt on her, but when I started to top off the ensemble with the cute new green jacket, a meltdown ensued. 

“No green coat!  I want pink coat!  I want pink coat, pleeeeeease!”  she cried. 

Geez, Louise.  This whole talking-child thing is really cramping my style. 

Anywho, today’s Fashionista Friday question comes from Kristin L.  She and I attend the same church and small group and she is sweet little Kate’s  mommy. 

Kristin asked:

I’ve noticed the last two times I’ve seen you, you’ve had super cute tank top/cardigan combinations going (at least I’m assuming those were tank tops underneath – maybe not). I would love to replicate this look for myself. could you steer me in the right direction with some low-cost, but super-cute, options?

Well, Kristin, the first ensemble you’re referring to is this cardigan and this tank from Old Navy. 

The second ensemble consisted of the Jackie Cardigan from J. Crew in a bright blue color that I found on super-duper-sale last fall.  The top I wore under it was also a bargain basement J.Crew find.  It was a fuchsia silk tank with a big ruffle around the scoop neck.  I love mixing contrasting colors or patterns together like this.  Here’s an example of what I’m talking about:  this cardigan and this tank would look adorable together (or separate later on when it’s hot as a fritter here in KC).  Add a bunch of bangles for an extra dash of mixy-matchy cuteness.

Here’s another tank that would look great under the same bright blue cardigan.  Of course, I have to accessorize and would throw a long necklace  over this one. 

Hope this helps, Kristin…layer away!!!

If you have a fashion question for me, email it to .

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Fashionista Friday: Edition 2

Writing Fashionista Friday has caused some sort of strange thing to happen to me.  All week long I have constantly been remembering the fashion-lows in my life.  I’m pretty sure my cowgirl stage was my all-time worst, but there were definitely many other “what was I thinking” stages along the way. 

I really need to work on getting our scanner out of the attic and hooked up somewhere so I can scan pics into my laptop.  That way you all can have a visual of all my fashion faux-pas.  For some reason, I feel the need to expose my blunders.  If you saw my 3rd grade school photo where I oh-so-chicly wore a Mickey Mouse bandana as a necklace and had somewhere close to 3 1/2 cans of mousse in my hair, you would surely think twice about taking fashion advice from me. 

For now, though, Fashionista Friday will continue.  Hopefully, I will not lead you astray. 

This week’s question comes from Nanci in New Mexico:

The weather is so crazy this time of year.  I’m tired of wearing dark, heavy clothing, but it’s still not warm enough to wear the “spring” clothing I see in stores right now.  How can I dress warmly, but in spring colors? 

This is where my years of working retail come in handy. 

Right around Christmas, stores usually put out their “resort-wear.”   These are clothes for those lucky ducks who get to escape the freezin’ jeebers weather and go on a cruise or to Hawaii or to wherever in the heck lucky ducks go. 

The rest of us get to benefit from this process right about now.  The reason being this:  stores are left with lots of this clothing and towards the end of February and beginning of March, they need to get rid of it and, therefore, mark it down. 

For the most part, “resort-wear” is bright in color, but not too light-weight.  It usually includes lots of great layering pieces like blazers, cardigans, and full-length pants that are the key to dressing springy without freezing you hiney off. 

Here are some great items I found that would brighten up any drab winter wardrobe, but still remind you that warm weathery goodness is on the way. 

This bright and yummy sweater would look fab layered over a printed blouse like this.  I have a slight cashmere addiction and it’s the perfect weight for early spring.  Of course, I love finding it on sale!

Another essential item for this time of year is a basic, neutral jacket like this one.  Layer it over a top like this and pair it with some simple chinos like these and you’re set.  Oh, and don’t forget about the accessories…how about these earrings or this necklace. 

So, Nanci, the bottom line is layer to stay warm, but add splashes of color into the mix and your spring will definitely brighten up a bit. 

I feel I can’t end today’s post without reminding you all that today is the 2nd day of the Banana Republic/Gap/Old Navy 30% off event.  If you don’t have the coupon, click on the “contact” tab at the top of my page and send me an email.  I’ll forward my coupon to you, so you don’t miss out.  The coupon is even good on regular priced and sale merchandise and can be used as many times as you want.  Cha ching!  Happy shopping!

And remember, send all of your fashion questions to

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Meet Michelle

Way back when I was an intern at Teen Mania Ministries, I was in a mentor group and the leader of it was a girl named Michelle. 

I thought Michelle was fabulous.  She was creative, fun, beautiful and had a wonderful family. 

I was 18 at the time, and instantly knew I wanted to be just like Michelle when I “grew up.” 

Through the magic of Facebook, Michelle and I are “friends” again, and I’ve once again been inspired by this woman.  I’m pretty sure we’re cut from the same cloth.  She’s a shutterbug.  She loves fashion.  She’s a southerner.  She adopted a precious little girl.  She’s not afraid to admit she’s a bit vain now and then.  I could go on and on.  Oh, did I mention our birthdays are only three days apart? 

I realize she might possibly read this, decide I’m a stalker, de-friend me on Facebook, and I’ll surely be served with a cyber-restraining order any day now. 

Surely, though, she won’t mind me raving to the masses about her latest creative venture.  She just launched a site that sells vintage jewelry designed by, none other than, the fabulous Michelle.  Click here to see her site, Michelle Grace Designs.

The style is reminiscent of pieces you would find at my all-time favorite store, Anthropologie.  My favorite piece is the Canary Love  necklace.  Love, love, love the finish on the links and I think the antique brooch is to die for. 

I’ve searched under the couch cushions, the bottoms of all my handbags, the floorboard of my car, and all of my pants pockets to see if I could scrounge up the $125 to buy it.  No such luck.  Sigh. 

Dear Travis,

If you read this post, I WANT THAT NECKLACE.  Thanks.  I love you.  Bye.


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Fashionista Friday – 1st Edition

I’m ashamed to admit this, but I went through a hideous cowgirl stage during 7th and 8th grades.  I pretty much wore Rocky Mountain jeans and Justin lace-up ropers (boots) every single day to school. There is absolutely no excuse for this sort of attire (unless you’re an actual cowgirl, of course) and I’m soooooo thankful that I realized the error in my fashion ways. My Rocky Mountain collection consisted of a rainbow of colors…purple, green, acid-washed red, white with pastel splattered colors, coral. You name it, I had it. Evidently my classmates admired my look, because I somehow managed to win “Best Dressed” during my eighth grade year. 

I look back at photos of myself from those days and wonder what on earth I could have possibly been thinking.  I have a feeling Arle might wonder the same thing when she looks back at photos like this…


Anywho…onto my first official Fashionista Friday question.  Drumroll, please.

Annalee requested the following:

Please, oh please give tips on how to achieve a cute stay-at-home mom look that doesn’t look thrown together, but is in fact easy to throw together!

Well, Annalee, the easiest way to throw together stay-at-home “cuteness” is to accessorize, accessorize, accessorize.  Nothing jazzes up a basic, plain-jane outfit better than a great pair of earrings, a fabulous scarf, or a funky pair of shoes. 

I pretty much live in jeans and t-shirts, but the way I convince myself I don’t look frumpy in this ensemble is by making sure that the jeans and t-shirts are “nice.”  I love, love, love my Joe’s Jeans  (which, by the way, my favorite wash is on sale at Nordstrom right now, click here to order your pair before they’re gone). 

Once summer rolls around, I have an assortment of simple capris and skirts that I wear instead of jeans.  If you’re one of those lucky girls with cute legs, break out the shorts, too (just make sure they’re not too short).  Unfortunately, I’m not a member of the “cute leg club,” so I don’t wear shorts. 

As for t-shirts, you can obviously pick some up anywhere, but I love my J. Crew, Gap and Banana Republic tees.  All three stores usually have certain colors on sale at any given time.   Whatever you do, make sure they’re not big and baggy, otherwise you’re sure to look frumpified. 

Here’s a sample outfit I pulled together:  pants + t-shirt  + scarf  (in yellow) + earrings (in gold) + shoes = One Cute Mom

I also must say that it’s sooo easy to look put together in the spring and summer just by throwing on a simple little dress like this one, then add some great earrings like these, and some cute sandals like these.  Always try to avoid being too matchy-matchy and you’ll avoid looking like you’re trying too hard. 

Hope this helps!

**edited to add this important discovery:  For those of you not yet convinced of the power of a great pair of jeans, I urge you to click here to see a “scientific” experiment about pocket placement on jeans.  This blogger actually uses my beloved Joe’s Jeans “Honey-Booty Fit”  to prove her point.  It’s the pair that’s in the closeup photo of Test Subject A’s “butt done right.”  I would also like to give kudos to her brave friends who were willing to allow closeups of their butts to be photographed and posted on the internet for all the world to see.  Oh what I would give for that kind of courage…

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Fashionista Friday

Once upon a time, in a land that seems so very far, far away, a friend and I had a “business” together.  This business consisted of people paying us $65/hour to go into their closet and tell them what not to wear, what to wear, and how to wear it. 

Kind of like the TLC show, except most of our clients actually had great clothes.  They just didn’t know how to put things together. 

Vickie and I would go in and go through everything they owned.  During this process we would weed out the icky stuff and organize the good stuff so that it was easier for the client to truly see their options and make it easier for them to get ready. 

We then began creating new outfits out of the pieces.  We would take one skirt and make 3-5 outfits out of it and take a photo of each, so the client would remember what went with what.  We would also keep a running list of things the client could add to their wardrobe in order to spice up their look and keep them current and in style. 

We always had such a great time doing our closet consultations and are still called in to do one here and there.  It was a great reason for me to keep up with what’s stylin’ for the season. 

Back in my Tag I’m It post, I confessed my fear of becoming a “frumpy mom.”  I find it humorous that I used to be paid to tell people what to wear, but now live in a wardrobe that, for the most part, consists of jeans and t-shirts.  In my defense, they’re nice jeans and t-shirts, but still, I’m not exactly putting a whole lot of effort into my look. 

So, in an attempt to keep my “style skills” sharp, I’ve decided to follow the lead of one of my favorite bloggers, Big Mama, and begin a Friday tradition of writing about fashion.  If you haven’t read Big Mama’s Fashion Friday, you have to check it out today.  She basically answers questions from her readers and helps them avoid fashion blunders. 

In order for me to pull this off, I’ll need your help.  I need your questions. 

Email me your fashion dilemma, and I’ll attempt to help you out.  Having trouble knowing what to wear to a party?  Can’t decide what kind of accessories you should invest in?  Don’t know how to wear a certain piece of clothing?  In the words of the talented artist, Vanilla Ice, “If you’ve gotta problem, yo, I’ll solve it!”

Above the “Momdiggity” header at the top of my blog, is a “Contact Me” button.  I know it’s kind of hard to see and I’m trying to figure out how to move the buttons, but I’m a bit challenged when it comes to technology.  Anyway, click there to find my email address and send me your questions.  I’ll answer them in my post next Friday.

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One Out of 2,000,000

Growing up in a town of 10,000 people, I fully expected to run into people I knew everywhere we went.  You couldn’t go anywhere without knowing somebody, if not everybody. 

It’s been almost five years ago that we moved to this city of TWO MILLION people, and I’m constantly surprised at how often I run into familiar faces here and there.  Just last week, Arle, Grammy and I went to lunch at California Pizza Kitchen and one of my closet clients was seated at the table next to us.  A couple of weeks ago, my friend Jessie and I were out shopping when we randomly ran into our friend, Kristin.  Each year at the Plaza Art Fair, it never fails that we run into all sorts of acquaintances among the thousands of people there.  I regularly bump into peeps I know at the grocery store, pediatrician’s office, Starbucks, and all sorts of other places. 

So, it really shouldn’t have surprised me yesterday morning at church when I suddenly realized I recognized the face sitting in the seat directly in front of me.  My attention was drawn to her as she turned to whisper something to her husband during praise and worship.  I saw her profile and it seemed familiar to me.  My brain immediately started flipping through my internal Rolodex of faces to try and place hers. 

Suddenly, it hit me.  My stomach did a flip-flop. 

She’s the girl that does my bikini-waxing. 

Not eyebrows, not mustache…bikini. 

The only other person I would have been less excited to see would have been my gynecologist.

To many of you this may not be that big of a deal.  To those of you who are modest-minnies like myself, this is mortifying. 

I was raised by, possibly, the MOST modest woman in the entire world (in fact, if it wasn’t for her love of fashion and her fabulous hair, I’ve always felt she would make a fantastic Amish woman).  Much of her modesty was imparted into her daughters and I’ve always considered it an admirable trait. 

I’m actually sitting here in Starbucks writing this and nervous about even mentioning the fact that I get bikini-waxes.  I assure you I’ll be receiving a phone call about it from my mother and will probably be scolded, not only for writing about it, but also for just getting them in the first place. 

Bikini-waxing is one of those things that took me quite a while to even muster up the courage to do.  I justified it by telling myself, “The benefits will totally be worth it and, outside of the salon, it’s not like I’m ever going to see the person doing it.” 

But then she shows up at my church.  In the seat directly in front of me.  Notice how I say it’s “my church?”  As if only those I give permission to are allowed to enter the building? 

Needless to say, I avoided eye-contact and high-tailed it out of there as soon as the service was over. 

Knowing my luck, though, she and her husband will probably join our small group.

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