Stars Wars Isn’t Totally Dead To Her.

A couple of posts ago, I talked about how Arle is so over Star Wars bedtime stories.  Lots of peeps assumed that she was over Star Wars all together.

Au contraire mon frere.

She and Trav still spend LOTS of time pretending the Force is with them.

How did Arle get into Star Wars, you ask?

Trav’s parents saved all of his SW toys from his childhood and delivered boxes full of them to our casa two years ago. At the time, I couldn’t imagine them ever seeing the light of day again.

But then Arle was staying with our friends Evan and Jessie one night.  They were trying to find a show for her to watch on t.v. and stumbled upon a Star Wars episode of Family Guy.  They thought all cartoons = kid shows and let her watch it.  She talked about it for weeks and Trav began telling her more and more about the real deal Star Wars.

And then, just when Arle thought her daddy couldn’t get any more fantastic, he began dragging his childhood toys out of the boxes in the basement one by one.


As Halloween costume talk began this year, Arle decided she wanted to be Princess Darth Vader.


She seems to have a thing for emasculating famous men (remember Snuggly Princess Elmo?).

One of her boy buddies told her she couldn’t be that because Darth Vader is a boy.  She was convinced he was right for a few weeks, but then decided she didn’t care what he said and went with it.

The result was pretty awesome, in my opinion.

I found some inspiration on Pinterest and then got busy.  I made a tutu out of hot pink and black tulle, the buttons on her shirt out of duct tape, and glued and huge tiara onto a DV mask.

Easy peasy.

The glitzy heels were Arle’s touch.


6 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Nancy said,

    I love it and Arle you make a great Princess Darth Vader! Your Mom did an awesome job coming up with your costume! So original!! Hope you got lots of treats!!!

  2. 2

    Jami Nato said,

    so amaze bal…. just kidding, i won’t say that on your blog.
    arle is a treasure.

  3. 3

    Kim said,

    I’m so glad Momdiggity’s back!!!
    This costume cracks me up! That Arle and her mama.
    What a hoot!
    Love y’all. Take good care of our peeps while we’re missing ’em.
    Wish we could be there for the shower and recital.
    Could you please move closer to home?
    Thanks, bye!

  4. 4

    Jenny said,

    There are no words for how super awesome Jefferson thought this was. He may be in love!!!

  5. 5

    annalee said,

    practically perfect in every way! love it all.

  6. 6

    Bob said,

    Best Halloween costume every. End of story.

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