How On Earth Is This Possible?

Arle went to bed tonight as a three-year-old.

She’ll wake up tomorrow as a four-year-old.

How on earth is this possible!!??

People always tell new moms that the time with your wee ones will fly by, but you don’t really believe it.  And then suddenly you wake up and the 6.5 pound little peanut you brought home from the hospital is suddenly turning FOUR.

I’m sitting here typing this and getting choked up.  I seriously can’t wrap my brain around this.




Craziness, I tell you.  Just plain craziness.

{The tears are really starting to flow now.  Hold on a sec while I ask Trav to bring me a Kleenex.}

On June 15th, 2007 at 1:11 a.m., Arle Elizabeth came into this world.  Being at the hospital for that incredible moment will forever be one of the most amazing moments of my entire life.

I became a mommy.

Trav, a daddy.

Arle, our daughter.

It didn’t matter one single bit that she didn’t come from my womb.  It still doesn’t.  The Lord blessed us with her and her with us.

{The tears, the tears!  Can’t. Stop. The. Tears!}

She has taught us more about love than I could have ever imagined.

We are so incredibly grateful that we were chosen to be Arle’s parents.

The first four years of parenting have been amazing and fun and crazy and stressful and stinky and hilarious and hard and lots of other stuff.  I can’t even imagine what the next four plus years have in store for us.

I’m so glad that we have 7 1/2 more months as our family of three.  It’s the perfect time to focus on our sweet girl and just soak up her sweetness.  I absolutely adore that child and can’t even begin to imagine life without her.

Her spunk and wit keep us entertained non-stop.  Her questions keep us on our toes.  Her energy keeps us running. Her honesty keeps us humble.

I love you, Arle Elizabeth.  You are my first child and, because of that, you will forever hold a special place in my heart. 






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  1. 1

    bethany said,

    seriously!! I’ve been a weepy mess for the past few days! They just grow up way too fast.
    Happy birthday sweet arle! You are a ray of sunshine to so many people!!

  2. 2

    annalee said,

    wish that beautiful birthday girl a happy day from us!
    adelaide wishes she could be there tomorrow to hand feed her grapes and fan her.

  3. 3

    Kristen said,

    happy happy birthday Arle!!!!

  4. 4

    Rhonda Phillips said,

    Happy Birthday Arle!! Have a wonderful day!! Heather, Cammie has a five year old as of June 6! Love you!

  5. 5

    beccaannlee said,

    Happy Bday Precious girl!! Your cousins love you!!

  6. 6

    Grammy said,

    Wow, I cried through that whole post – thanks H. I remember the night she was born and the phone call we received in the middle of the night announcing her arrival. It seems like yesterday. The time has just flown by. We love her more than you can ever know. I love that Arle and I have gotten to spend some quality alone time together this spring. Such special memories. I think about her every single day and smile. She made my day at work today when she called to “FaceTime” with Grammy. She was so adorable when I told her that her birthday present would be arriving at your house right on her birthday. Arle told me I should tell her what we got her for her birthday. When I told her it was a surprise and I couldn’t tell her, she told me I should tell her anyway and then she would just forget about it and get it out of her mind. I love that kid :) Happy, Happy 4th Birthday Arle. Grammy and Papa love you so very much. XOXOXOXOXOXO

  7. 7

    JoRie said,

    Seriously….tears! Happy Birthday sweet girl!!!

  8. 8

    Raegan said,

    Precious! Happy Birthday little Arle!

  9. 9

    man, i love that little girl. i love how caring and motherly she is to all her little friends. and i love how confident she is in herself. adorable. happy birthday miss arle.

  10. 10

    Rachel Jorgensen said,

    You just made me cry–I love the story of how the 3 of you became a family and it will always bring me to tears! God is so faithful and we’re so thankful for the fabulous Arle :)

  11. 11

    Diane said,

    Happy birthday, Arle!!! Don’t get me started on having a four year old. It makes me cry every time I think about it.

  12. 12

    Susan said,

    Ok…now I am crying! We just moved out of our home of 10 years. The very home we brought our sweet bundles of joy home to from the hospital. So I may have been emotional before I read your post, but seriously where does the time go? I have loved every minute of being a mommy. I am so happy you have enjoyed it too. It makes me smile to hear another mom talk about her love for her child. Happy Birthday Arle! Four is a great year!

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