Drum Roll, Please.

I’M PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s true!  I have the stick to prove it!

And, yes, that’s a positive test.  My friend, Christine, freaked me out when I showed her that pic.  She said, “That’s a NEGATIVE!”  But then I reminded myself that the directions clearly stated that a line in the circle is a POSITIVE.

I’ve never been a fan of these stupid sticks.  They’ve always made me sad.  This is the first one that’s EVER been positive.  In SIX AND A HALF YEARS, folks!

I was supposed to go in for a blood draw Sunday morning to see if I was in fact pregnant.

But, because I can’t stand suspense, I jumped the gun and did a home test Saturday morning.  BIG MISTAKE. BIG, HUGE.

When the doctor tells you to wait until a certain day to test and that it needs to be by blood, listen to the man.  He knows what he’s talking about.

The test was negative and I was devastated.  I tried to hold myself together and take it like a big girl, but it wasn’t easy.

Sunday morning rolled around, I went in for the blood draw, and prayed for the best.  4 1/2 hours later my nurse called with the results.

“You’re pregnant!”

Tears ensued.  Lots of tears.  Lots and lots of tears.


6 1/2 years!!!

Arle was napping when we got the news.  The minute she woke up, we told her she is going to be a big sister.  She was SO excited and immediately went into planning mode…”Ummm…ok.  We’re going to need to buy some new toothbrushes.  And a new bedroom.  And we need to get the highchair out of the attic.  And my baby clothes.”

The girl’s a thinker. Good thing because her momma’s a scatter-brained mess.

I took another home test yesterday (above pic) just so I could have a positive test in my hands.  It worked that time.

I went in for more blood work today to make sure my hormone levels are increasing as they should.  They are.  Praise the LORD.

I’m officially official. 4 weeks and two days official, to be exact.

We’ll go in for our first ultrasound in two weeks to listen for heartbeats and see just how many bambinos are in there.

We’re continuing to give God the praise for ALL of this.  It’s such a miracle and we are so humbled to be a part of this story.  Please continue to pray for a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby(s).

Peace out.


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  1. 1

    audrey said,

    i keep on thinking you’re having a boy…but i’m usually 95% wrong on guessing though. HOW EXCITING!!! i can’t wait to see that baby belly. i’ll make sure to make you feel super uncomfortable as i rub your tummy too long. kidding! or am i?

  2. 2

    Melissa said,

    OH MY GAWD!!! Awesome, awesome, awesome! You keep that bun (or buns) nice and comfy in your oven! So very excited for the whole fam!!! Prayers for you all!

  3. 3

    Rhonda Phillips said,

    I am so excited! God does work in His time!! I can’t wait for all your posts on being pregnant!! Love you so much!

  4. 4

    Sarah D said,

    Congrats, Heather!!! I am so excited for you and your family.. You are probably actually going to be excited to get morning sickness and feel uncomfortable. God bless you in the whole experience! Love~

  5. 5

    Yansci said,

    Woo hoo!!!! Awesome, awesome, awesome!!!! I can’t wait to see Arle helping take care of her twin siblings!!!!!!

  6. 6

    Becky E said,

    Congrats Heather! So happy for you. Can’t wait to follow your journey. Continued prayers for a healthy pregnancy! :)

  7. 7

    melissa said,

    oh.my.graciousness!!!! so stinking happy for you and yours!!!! can’t wait to see you all pregnanty and cute!!!

  8. 8

    Rkingsley said,

    As my pastor’s wife Grammy would say “PTL” (Praise the Lord!). I couldn’t possibly be happier for you and the fam!

  9. 9

    1. tears. i’m so happy.
    2. you being pregnant was clay’s high for today when we played high/low.
    3. arle…holy moly, that girl cracks me up. toothbrushes??
    4. i love you!!!

  10. 10

    Eren said,

    Oh, Heather, I am in tears! I am so, so, SO happy for you (and Trav and Arle . . . ). Praying for a wonderful, healthy pregnancy for you. Looking forward to following your journey through this pregnancy!

  11. 11

    Ann Hays said,

    I am so excited for you – you have had to work a lot harder than most people for this outcome. I can’t wait to hear how many you have in there!!

  12. 12

    Allison said,

    I am so thrilled for you! Continued prayers for a healthy pregnancy! Oh, and love Arle…she just cracks me up!

  13. 13

    rachel said,

    this is making me cry. SO SO SO SO excited for you and your family. whooo haooooooo! :)

  14. 14

    Lisa up the street said,

    I’m crying! I am so truely happy for you and trav and arle! What a wonderful famiily this little one (or ones) is joining!

  15. 15

    jami said,

    the toothbrushes are the most important thing to have when a newborn arrives. hahaha!

    you know i’m over the top excited. may or may not have cried through the whole process of your journey. but whatever.

    love you.

  16. 16

    Kristen said,

    agreed….. tears flowing in the lindquist home… God is good. love you sister!!!!

  17. 17

    Jenny said,

    JOY! That is the feeling welling up & causing all these happy tears! Pure joy!

  18. 18

    JoRie said,

    Tears are streaming down my face! Girl…I know how precious that one positive pregnancy test can be….God be the Glory! We continue to pray for you and the bun(s) in the oven!

  19. 19

    Carolyn said,

    SO. HAPPY. FOR. YOU! I have been praying for you guys a ton over the last few weeks. I hope you’ll keep posting updates on the blog, I enjoy reading them. :)

  20. 20

    connie said,

    I am crying, too….so, so very happy for you and your precious family. Have fun! I know you will enjoy every day of this pregnancy and then that new little one or ones…again. I am so thrilled for you all. Praying for the best of the best in every little thing….Hugs….

  21. 21

    Your Mother said,

    THIS IS ONE HAPPY NANA!!! I love you ALL so very much, you are my hero! MUAH

  22. 22

    Missy Creed said,

    CRAZY happy for you!…CRAZY happy..

  23. 23

    Shelly said,

    Such wonderful, happy news!! I’m tickled pink for you and praying for you all. Can you ask Arle where you go to buy another bedroom?! Prayers, love and best wishes to the whole family!

  24. 24

    Maeghan said,

    God is Great! Wahoo, I am jumping for joy with tears running down my cheeks. Prayers and best wishes to continue!

  25. 25

    kate said,

    congrats congrats congrats! so happy for you and your family!

  26. 26

    Sara said,

    Congratulations, Heather!! How exciting! Arle will be such a sweet big sister :)

  27. 27

    Kaye Kennedy said,

    Oh Heather, Travis and Arle that is such great news! Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow. I am so happy for ya’ll.

  28. 28

    annalee said,

    get ready cause i feel certain this will be a long comment:
    well wouldn’t you know i teared up all over again reading your post.
    then the tears continued as i read the comments.
    and of course it was clay’s high of the day. love that.
    i can’t stop celebrating your adorable family and how God has and is knitting it together!
    i am like seriously smiling constantly about this long awaited, incredibly precious, amazing news!
    ps- i am having serious daydreams of the next time we go to deanna rose farm,
    and how arle and adelaide will be the big kids and adelaide will have to take a break from feeing arle grapes because they will have a slew of small munchkins to care for while we gab. the end.

  29. 29

    Kim said,

    I just sit here not knowing what to say…..how to tell you how relieved
    and deliriously happy we are for you 3, or 4 or 5! Every tear that you’ve
    cried in longing and frustration is stored up in a bottle somewhere up There.
    I think there must be ANOTHER bottle for the happy tears. He’ll collect them
    all…..yours and ours…..and add His own to them. Then maybe one day He’ll
    pour them out on us like the oil of gladness. (I don’t know about that last part for sure…..I’m just saying…..).
    Everybody at Harrisville loves, loves, loves you and we are full of prayers.

  30. 30

    bucketsofus said,

    Heather – Hi there! This is Christy Bue (was Christy Gray) from Teen Mania internship – you were my room lead:) Somehow, I think from facebook, I caught onto your blog and have been reading your stories….my heart has gone out to you and your family! From one Mommy to another, congratulations! I wish you every bit of health and happiness in this pregnancy! Being a Mommy is truly one of the must awarding and humbling experiences of life isn’t it! I saw that you were pregnant and just had to comment:) Waiting to here the continued wonderful news ahead!

  31. 31

    laura said,

    i could not be more excited for you!!! hooray! God is so good and so faithful. we will continue to pray for a healthy pregnancy!

  32. 32

    Jill said,

    omg, omg, OMG!!!!!!!! I missed this post! This makes me soooo happy for you! Between the excitement I have for you and Ellie I am beside myself!!! yay yay and yay! praying for a healthy pregnancy and none of the crappy stuff that comes with pregnancy. :) Mabye I got all the stretch marks for you :) But REALLY, who cares about stretch marks…YOU’RE PREGNANT!!!!!

  33. 33

    Lauren said,

    AHHH!!!! Yay!!!!! :) Congrats Congrats Congrats! I can’t believe I’m JUST reading this. So excited for another little munchkin in the family. Arle’s comments are too cute about planning! Love you and are so happy for you!!!

  34. 34

    Shannon said,

    Heather I am so unbelievably happy for you, Travis and Arle! We will continue to keep your family in our prayers – I hope you have a wonderful and healthy pregnancy. Big HUGE HUGS!!!!!

  35. 35

    Susan said,

    We have been in the midst of moving and without internet connection. So I am a little late in saying Congratulations Heather! I will be praying for you faithfully. I hope you enjoy every moment. I can not wait to read about your experience. Pregnancy is amazing! I have tears in my eyes. I am amazed how God takes care of his people. Not always in the ways we would plan, but He does have a perfect plan. Praise Jesus!

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