It’s Been Over A Month And A Dog Has Died.

After much surgery, my laptop is back on my lap right where it belongs.  Poor Momdiggity has been neglected for so long that I don’t even know where to begin.  Not that things have been particularly exciting around here or anything.

Probably the most exciting thing is that we had our first official spring break in our house since Trav was in law school back in ’04.  Now that Arle is in pre-school and there was an actual spring break on the calendar, I just couldn’t bear the thought of not taking advantage.  She and I packed up the car and drove eight hours to visit my BF, Virginia, and her two boys in Texas.  Her husband was out of the country for the week and we decided she could use some company.

The visit was nice and laid-back, although there was a brief moment of craziness when we were playing in the front yard with the kids and suddenly heard a strange noise.  It took us a second to realize that the noise was Virginia’s dog being hit by a car.

Can we just pause for a moment to talk about how I’m probably not the best person in the world to offer up support in a moment like this?  For those of you who are new here…I’m NOT a dog person.  At all.

So, we run over to check on the dog.  Virginia immediately started praying over her.  I was standing there like a bumbling idiot trying to come up with something appropriate to say.  All I could come up with was to ask if she wanted to take her to the vet.  As soon as I got the words out of my mouth, it became pretty clear that the dog was paralyzed and wasn’t going to make it. She died within a minute.

Poor Josh, V’s 3-year-old son, and Arle came running up to see what all the commotion was about.  Believe it or not, I actually got a few tears in my eyes at this point.  I was afraid Josh was going to be upset, but he really didn’t get what was going on.  He just thought the dog was hurt.  Arle on the other hand has developed quite the curiosity about death recently and totally recognized what was happening.

Josh kept saying, “Awww, Maggie’s hurt.  Maggie’s hurt.”

Arle was kind enough to get right up in his face and loudly enunciate, “Josh. You. Don’t. Have. A. Dog. Anymore.”

I pulled her aside and told her that probably wasn’t the best thing to say at a time like this.  Or any time.  Ever.

After a little bit of brainstorming about how in the heck we were going to get the dog off the street and what to do with her after she was off the street, we came up with an idea to pull her onto a make-shift sled and V dragged it to the back yard and some guys later came and buried her.

After it was all said and done, V declared that I was the perfect person to have been there because anybody else would have been a basket-case and that would have upset everyone.

I just knew my anti-dog ways would come in handy someday.


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  1. 1

    bethany said,

    1) SO glad you are back from your blogcation. I’ve missed the momdiggity.
    2) Okay – I am really sorry to your friend on the loss of their dog…and it isn’t funny at all…but I was seriously cracking up at Arle. Hilarious.
    3) You’re not a dog person?! Seriously? And to think I was going to have you babysit Dirvey sometime. Rats. =)

  2. 2

    Lucy said,

    Not that I don’t feel bad for your friends, but this post made me giggle! Probably because I am not a dog person, either… you handled that better than I would have! And oh, that Arle… HILARIOUS! :)

  3. 3

    rachel said,

    i don’t know if i should be…but i’m laughing at the end of this post. i am not a dog person either :)

  4. 4

    Your Mother said,

    Oh, ARLE!! YOU are my kind of counselor…honest and in your face! I am sorry for Virginia’s and Josh’s loss. I am so glad your computer is back, this has been a very long and dry spell.

  5. 5

    Kristen said,

    well I am a dog person and I am so sad for your friend!!

  6. 6

    jami said,

    um arle, please be my friend.

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