We were all ready to leave for Denver on Saturday for our IVF cycle.  My cyst isn’t completely gone, but it was much smaller…small enough to proceed {perhaps my hippie tactics worked, eh????}.  We thought we were good to go and in the clear.

Until late Wednesday afternoon, that is.

That’s when they called and cancelled the cycle because my blood test showed that my estrogen levels were high when they were supposed to be low.

I  handled the news pretty well this month, though.  No crying.  No profanity.  No pity parties.

So we’re staying on this roller coaster for a while longer.


We’ve been on it for over six years now.  What’s a few more months, right?



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  1. 1

    diane said,

    Love how positive you are…one of my fave things about you. I’m sure Brandon can fix your computer. You can just pay in chocolate chip cookies:)

  2. 2

    jami said,

    listen, your cysts went down and that is HUGE! i mean, small. get it, they’re small now? not funny? ok…

    love those dresses…tomorrow is supposed to be like 54 or something…

  3. 3

    maeghan said,

    Glad to see you again! Love the shoes it means we are just going to have to go out and get pedicures!

  4. 4

    Kristen said,

    love the dresses!!!

  5. 5

    nancy said,

    Oh Heather…I am sorry you aren’t heading for Denver tomorrow….but so glad you haven’t lost your fashion sense!!! Yes the flip flops are my favorite summer accessory! Wore them today…to get a pedicure with Belinda! Wish I could get daring enough for a maxi!! Do they make them long sleeved:) ???

    Keeping you in my prayers…love you lots…Hugs to my girl!

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