Snow Day.

KC is covered in snow.

Arle is in heaven.

She played in the snow.

She made snow angels.

She caught snowflakes on her tongue.

She came inside to warm up and play dress-up for a while.

She pulled of a stunning footie-p.j.-with-open-toed-heels look and I can guarantee you’ll be seeing this look in the next J.Crew catalogue.

She helped make some pancakes for breakfast.

She went outside again because SNOW!  This time her aunt Alexis joined her.

She and Alexis gathered some snow for snow ice cream.

She then made lavender colored snow ice cream and lapped it up.

She took a nice, long, warm bath and then a nice, long nap.  Watched two movies.  Ate popcorn.  Drank hot chocolate.  Made some Valentine cards with Alexis.  Snuggled with her Mommy.  Snuggled with Alexis.

The girl lives a rough life.

I want to be three-years-old.

Just for a day.

Or two.


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  1. 1

    Grammy said,

    I LOVED this “day in the life of Arle” blog and pics. Such precious memories being created. I’m in need of an Arle fix.

  2. 2

    fun! i was thinking yesterday how i wished i had a sister that would come and visit and keep me company during the snowstorm of 2011!

  3. 3

    audrey said,

    how fun! love the footie pajama and heels look…really, if i could wear a freaking footie pajama with everything (without being chastised) i would be a happy lady.

  4. 4

    Your Mother said,

    Ok, so this made a Nana really jealous that three of her favorite girls were having so much fun without her. SIGH!!! But so much fun to know how much fun you girls can have together! Love you all SO MUCH!!!

  5. 5

    Kim said,

    ummmmmmm…..could we have some of that snow here,
    please? And, would you all please come back w/ it?
    Love And Miss You!

  6. 6

    Lauren said,

    umm.. OBSESSED with the first picture of Arle. Seriously, framer.

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