A Cow, A Milk-Maid, & Snow White.

I suppose everyone’s well aware of the fact that Halloween was this weekend, right?

For the first time since 1995, I actually dressed up for the occasion.  Trav did too.

We attended a costume party on Saturday night and decided to go as a cow and a milk-maid.

Odd, I know.

Believe it or not, we were already the not-so-proud-owners of the cow costume, so we decided to let that take the lead.  I went on a hunt for an outfit for myself and was shocked to find all of the necessary components.

!!!WARNING!!! – The following photo is very disturbing and possibly offensive.

I think I really looked the part.  Surely milk-maids wore heavy black eye-liner.  And lots of bronzer.  And pearls.  And shirts from J.Crew {it was only $19.99!}.

I was just glad to go as something that required lots of skin coverage.  Arle and I made a trip to one of those temporary Halloween stores and I’m pretty sure I was blushing the entire time.  Who knew Halloween costumes could be so racey???  Obviously not the girl who hadn’t dressed up for Halloween in 15 years.

Arle thought it was great, though.  She kept pointing out costumes that she wanted me to buy.  The scantily clad Minnie Mouse, or the Naughty Nurse, or worst of all, the Dominatrix.

Arle {in her high-volume voice and pointing at the Dominatrix outfit}:  Be this, Mommy!!!  Be this!!!

{insert giggles and snickers from all those nearby}

Me:  No, honey. I don’t think that will work.

Arle:  Why not, Mommy?

Me:  I just don’t think it will.

Arle:  But why not, Mommy?

Me:  It’s too skimpy, honey.

Arle:  What’s skimpy, Mommy?

Me:  I’ll tell you later.

Speaking of Arle.  She looked like a doll, of course.  She was very intent on wanting to be a princess and decided on Snow White.  I’ve been dreading the whole princess bit because I just knew it meant I was doomed to go out and pay ridiculous amounts of money on a gaudy plastic dress.

I decided to search Etsy for something that didn’t look quite so cheap and came across this little number.  I thought it was perfect.  I asked Arle if she liked it and she gave it her seal of approval.

Unfortunately, not many recognized that she was Snow White.  Some did, of course, but she also got lots of “Belle” and “Alice” comments.  She actually thought those were compliments, though.  It’s like she had a 3 in 1 costume and, let’s be honest, what three-year-old girl wouldn’t love to be three princesses at once?  She loved it.


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  1. 1

    She is adorable!!! You guys look great too!

  2. 2

    melanie said,

    I’m still a little confused (and maybe a tad concerned) that you happen to have a cow costume on hand. Love the shirt from J.Crew! Who knew J.Crew got their inspiration from old fashion milk maids ;-)

  3. 3

    Kristen said,

    Y’all are hilarious!! And how did everyone not know Arle was snow white? They should brush up on their Disney princesses! She looks adorable!!!

  4. 4

    momdiggity said,

    I know, I know. Trav had the cow costume from a party he went to six years ago when I was out of town. He went with a friend of his and they waited until the very last minute to buy costumes and cows were all the store had left at that point. So, yes, he and his buddy went dressed as matching holstein cows.


  5. 5

    Bob Z said,

    Consider me disturbed. It’s doing to take a long, long time before I can erase that first picture from my brain. I feel like I’ve invaded your privacy.

  6. 6

    Susan said,

    Arle is just adorable! You made a beautiful milk maid. Now Travis on the other hand…I am still trying to erase that memory. I am sure you made for a very funny and memorable party entrance. :)

  7. 7

    nancy said,

    Arle…you are the best, most beautiful Snow White ever!!!! I hope you got lots of
    candy! Your parents look cute too….especially the Milk Maid!!!!

    May I please have a picture of you in your Snow White costume! Please mail me one I loved your picture you colored for me!!! XXOO

  8. 8

    janetq88 said,

    Love the costumes and your composure at the costume store. Your Snow White is adorable.

  9. 9

    Your Mother said,

    I am so glad I finally got to see Travis in his cow costume. I hope he didn’t have to climb in any upper story windows like he did the last time he wore it. You made a beautiful milk maid/farmer’s daughter. And Arle was the most beautiful princess/Snow White I have ever seen!! Her hair looks as though it is getting much darker. I can’t wait to see you all! Love.

  10. 10

    Your Father said,

    I’m glad to finally know what an Eef looks like. I really am speechless.

  11. 11

    you guys look great. i agree…arle totally looks like snow white!

  12. 12

    bethany said,

    LOVE the cow & milkmaid costumes. Just wish you would have been walking around the PV trick or treat in that!

    And Arle looks adorable! Love the vintage princess look!

  13. 13

    jami said,

    i’m not sure what you were doing with his “utter”. could you explain? LOL

  14. 14

    Lauren said,

    That is CLEARLY Snow White! haha people need to re-familiarize themselves with their Disney princesses. I find it funny that you dressed up as a milk maid after growing up on a dairy farm :) haha

  15. 15

    annalee said,

    umm, hello awesome costumes! that is the most beautiful snow white costume i’ve ever seen. if akm asks to be that next year, i’m calling you asap!
    praying for you and the upcoming surgery.

  16. 16

    Shannon said,

    Loved the couple costume – very creative on your part! :) Arle made a beautiful Snow White….love the you found her costume on Etsy. Nadya wanted to be Jessie from Toy Story. She was quite excited that her red cowboy boots were a perfect match. :)

  17. 17

    danielle said,


    why have i never seen your blog before!?!

    loving it!

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