Thank goodness it’s Monday.

It’s not often that you’re actually excited for Monday to come around.  After the crazy busy weekend we had though, I’m in need of some r&r and glad to get some today.

Sidenote – We have a handyman here at the house trying to get our bathroom up to snuff.  He seems pretty good at his job, but keeps calling me Brenda.

Do I look like a Brenda?

Here’s a run down of what went down this weekend:

-Friday night babysitter – Check.

-Drinks and apps at BRGR {yum!} with my fave guy in the whole wide world – Check.

-Fun times at the birthday party Laura threw for Eric – Check.

-Saturday morning at Arle’s buddy, Maddox’s, birthday party – Check.

-An afternoon spent out in the country at a fall-soiree thrown by Trav’s boss.  A hay-ride, a pre-schooler hay fight, a campfire, hot dogs, trick-horses, pony rides, and a candy hunt in a pile of hay – Check, check, check, check,check, check, check, check.

-Poor-quality photo taken with Trav’s Blackberry of previously mentioned hay fight – Check.

-Arle declaring that she wants to be a “country girl” at the end of previously mentioned soiree – Check.

-Racing home just in time for the OU v. Mizzou football game – Check.

-Our pleasant weekend going to hell in a hand basket as we watched our beloved Sooners self-destruct – Big Fat Sad Check.

-Waking up the next morning to see that our hilarious Mizzou neighbors vandalized our yard by writing “MU 36-27” in our grass with hedge-apples – Check.

-Getting excited about previously mentioned vandalizing because I’ve always wanted to decorate with hedge-apples and now I can – Check.

-Going to Holiday Mart with two of my favorite gals and finding some super cute Christmas decor – Check.

– Cooking my friend Lindsay’s super-duper yummy Sun Dried Tomato Pasta for dinner – Check.

-Pouring boiling water on my thigh while straining the pasta for previously mentioned dinner – Check.

-Spending the rest of the evening doctoring previously mentioned burn – Check.

-Ending the slam-jammed weekend watching Amazing Race{the all-time-best show EVER} while doing previously mentioned doctoring to previously mentioned burn – Check.

-Sleeping like a baby after the previously mentioned slam-jammed weekend finally came to a close – Check.

Hope you had a good one, as well!



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  1. 1

    bethany said,

    Holy Moses Brenda – sounds like a nutty weekend! (cue 90210 intro. and you are way cuter than brenda walsh)

    sorry ’bout those sooners. hehe…

  2. 2

    jami nato said,

    i agree, brenda, you are a wild and crazy gal with all your happenings!

  3. 3

    Amy said,

    If I had a weekend likes yours, I would be glad it was Monday too! And, no, you dont look like a Brenda (My StepMother is Brenda and , yeah, no….._

  4. 4

    well aren’t you just miss popular. sounds like fun!

  5. 5

    LaDawn said,

    LaDawn read this super blog—check

  6. 6

    Kim said,

    I am worn flat out reading this thing! I thought I’d been busy. But nuuuuuu…..
    OK, everybody, listen up. Hear’s the remedy for burns:
    ICE…..only ICE. 30 to 45 min. of ice on the burn will leave you w/
    no blister, no nuttin’. About a week later, you’ll just peel a thin brown tissue paper off and that’s it. No muss, no fuss.
    Didn’t know the blog of the day was gonna get ya a medical lecture, did ya?
    Oh, about that Brenda thing, that’s what Zakery used to call Tene. Weird.
    No offense to any Brendas out there, but, a Brenda you ain’t.
    About the “nuuuu”….I’ve just spent 2 weeks w/ some real country folks in
    Tenn. and NC and that’s how they so “no”. “Nuuuuuuuuuuu”.
    Miss you all! XOXO

  7. 7

    Nancy said,

    Arle you sure do make a cute country girl…I am waiting to see you as Snow White…

    Love you guys!!!

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