Dancing Queen

I just can’t stop with all of these firsts for Arle.  Allow me to share another from our trip to the Land of Enchantment, yes?

So, Lovington is a small town down in the southeast corner of New Mexico.  It’s about 15 minutes from the Texas border and has much more of a west Texas personality than a New Mexican personality.  Everybody talks with a west Texan accent and uses words like ya’ll.

It’s definitely a Friday Night Lights kind of place in the fall.  Lovington natives LOVE their football.

But what on earth do you do at night during late spring in a town of 10,000 peeps?

You go to a street dance, of course.  Duh.

Lucky for us, the Texas Playboys took center stage the night we were there.

Don’t worry they kept their handkerchiefs on.

Arle cuddled with my dad while scoping out the situation.

Soon they decided it was time to hit the dance floor.

She evidently enjoyed it, because the next thing we knew she was heading back out to the dance-floor.

Except she was solo this time.

She stayed out there and danced the entire song and made her way back to us the minute it was over.

Then she wanted to dance with everyone.

My sister, Alexis:

And my brother, Trenton:

Then she decided she could dance better if she had a cowboy hat on like most of the other peeps milling about.

The end.


4 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    okay, your all these pics of your dad with arle are just too dang adorable! that girl never ceases to make me smile!

  2. 2

    jami nato said,

    man, when do we start getting too cool to get our groove on even when people are watching? so cute.

    you need to frame some of those adorable pics with her gramps.

  3. 3

    annalee said,

    ahhh, how i love that face and personality! please tell me there are plans in the works for a playdate in kansas city soon. you can contact our travel agent, kristin, to coordinate schedules. we can’t wait!!!

  4. 4

    Your Mother said,

    Dancing with Lebo has ALWAYS been one of my favorite things………….

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