A Lovely Weekend

Busy, busy, busy was our weekend.  It was also fun, fun, fun.

Saturday was filled with a trip to Suburban Lawn & Garden [one of my favorite places in KC] for pretties for our yard; a visit to Bijin [another one of my favorite places KC] to have my hair trimmed up; and a night out on the town with Kent and Traci [some of our favorite people on earth].

Sunday I was greeted first thing with my little sweetie beside my bed saying, “Happy Mudder’s Day!!!”  She continued to yell this to me throughout the day, although it was often confused with, “Happy Vowentimes Day!!!”

We went to church, then to visit some neighbors/friends in the hospital to meet their new daughter, Meredith [such a sweetie].

Next, Trav and Arle took me out for a yummy brunch.

After that, I decided to take advantage of my Mother’s Day gift [money for new clothes…EXACTLY what I wanted] and headed to the Plaza to do some shopping.  All.  By.  Myself.

Although the alone time was heavenly, the shopping was stinky.  The only thing I came home with?  New boxers for Trav.  What in the heck??????

We topped off the evening with a walk over to see some friends’ new home and ended up crashing their bbq and having a great time.

Overall, it was a fabulous Mother’s Day.  The only thing that could have made it better would have been to spend it with my sweet momma and grandmothers.  I sure do have some wonderful women in my life.

And, by the way, I read something on a blog I stalk that summed up motherhood so beautifully:

I would never say motherhood is easy, because it’s not, but I will say His strength is perfect in my weakness. I’m slowly {very slowly} yielding to my flesh and accepting and finding joy in surrendering and sacrificing for my children. I’m learning that my work at home is of great eternal significance, even if I don’t see it in the daily, mundane and menial tasks so often associated with raising little ones. I am thankful for the children that He has entrusted me with and I hope and pray that the time I have with them is used for His glory.  And as I daily rescue Rover from his own hands {in all his warrior-ness} and pick up after the fairy princesses I remind myself, “Behold, children are a gift of the Lord,” Psalm 127:3.

I’m so thankful and blessed to be the mommy to this precious baby big girl.


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  1. 1

    jami nato said,

    i can just hear her say ‘happy mudders day!’
    so cute.

  2. 2

    Nancy said,

    Sounds like a wonderful Mudders day….I love that and that she kept wishing you happy valentines day too! She is a precious little girl and those eyes they are going to be killers…just warning you!!! I love the photos…sorry about the shopping…never fails when we want to shop there is nothing!!! I got your sweet message…I also love what you wrote off the other blog! Children really are a gift from God! We sure know how Arle was. You are truly a precious Mom. Love you both.

  3. 3

    Your Mother said,

    The MANY Faces of ARLE!!! You have once again captured her wonderfully! And I CAN’T believe you couldn’t find SOMETHING at the Plaza for yourself. Are you kidding me? Sometimes the alone time is worth it all, though. I am so glad you had such a fun weekend. Your grandmothers and I really missed you, too. Love you.

  4. 4

    bethany said,

    Love love love those pics. Especially the last one=) What a cutie-pie!

  5. 5

    Nancy said,

    Heather at some point would you please put some pictures of Missy on snapfish so I can order some new prints of her!!! She is just getting so big! Will be 3 before we know it!!! Thanks. No Hurry!! I love these of her!

  6. 6

    Suz said,

    I hope you are blowing these up and framing them!!!! Great photos!! I’d even frame the silly ones! SO cute.

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