Better Luck This Time

I made it to NYC yesterday without a single hitch.

Thank you, Lord.

I couldn’t have dealt with a re-play of my last NY arrival.   If you haven’t ever read about it, I’m re-posting today just so you can start your day off with a laugh.  Toodles.

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to travel to New York City to meet up with Trav while he was there for work.  At first, it seemed like the PERFECT getaway as Arle and I were already visiting my parents, so they would be able to babysit.  I would be able to explore and shop all day everyday while Trav worked and then we would go out together at night.  Seems like an easy plan, right?  Wrong.  I have a knack for doing some pretty stupid things and I may have outdone myself on this particular occasion.

Since I was at my parents, I had to fly out of Lubbock, TX.  The problem with this is that I was flying on Southwest because I had a free ticket, but SW doesn’t actually fly into NYC.  We decided that I would fly into Philadelphia, then catch the Amtrak to NY, which was only an hour train ride.  Again, seems like an easy plan, right?  Wrong again.  My flight was delayed due to the hurricanes that were hitting at the time and, because of this, I was going to barely make my train.  I had to make sure I got on the correct train from the airport to the Amtrak station in Philly.  “This is KEY!”  Travis warned me in advance (he was flying out of Kansas City).  I was so extremely proud of myself as I found the R1 train and boarded in plenty of time.  I settled into my seat and felt some of the stress slip away.  About five minutes after the train departed, my stomach dropped to the floor. I realized that I had been so focused on finding my stupid train, I had forgotten to go to baggage claim and pick up my suitcase.  Yup.  Forgot my suitcase.

Soon the train stopped at another station and I immediately jumped off.  I still thought I could make my train if I hurried.  Another train pulled up and was heading back towards the airport, so I jumped on it.  It takes off, makes a couple of stops, and suddenly I realize that I don’t recognize these stops.  I turn to the girl sitting next to me and ask, “Is this train going to the airport?”  She says, “Nope.  It’s going to Delaware.”   ARE YOU KIDDING ME?????

Soon the train stops at another station.  I jump off.  As soon as I got off, I realized I was in a not-so-safe-looking part of Philly.  I looked for the station and soon realized that the “station” consisted of a bench with a cover over it and I was the only one there.  So, here I am, all dolled up to go shopping in NYC.  I’ve got my big sunglasses on, my big bag on my shoulder, and my big heels on my feet while sitting in perhaps the roughest looking neighborhood I’ve ever seen.  I huddled in the corner of the bench and hoped nobody would notice me.  At this point, I had to call and change my train reservation to the next departure time.  I just knew a train would be pulling up anytime.  45 minutes later, it finally arrived.  By this time, I had missed my second train.

Finally, three Philly trains later, I made it to the Amtrak station, suitcase in hand.  I made it to the platform of my train with two minutes to spare.  The nightmare was over…or so I thought.  I arrived at Penn Station in NYC at 8:30pm (did I mention that I left Lubbock at 7am?).  I was exhausted and just wanted to get to my hotel.  I arrived at the stairs and looked up at what seemed like 832 steps to get to street level.  I hoisted up all my stuff and began climbing.  I made it to the last step and, as I put my leg out to step onto the sidewalk, I catch my toe on the step and completely nose-dive.  Yes, I fell right in the middle of the sidewalk in one of the busiest areas in NYC.  I wanted to cry, but all I could do is laugh.  I started laughing and couldn’t stop.  Nobody offered to help me up, although a guy across the street (in his best NY accent) yelled, “You OK?”  I just held up my hand, stood up, hailed a cab, and went to hide out in my hotel before the next bad thing happened to me.

Luckily the rest of my mini-vaca in NY went well.  The weather was amazing, I bought some fabulous things, ate some terrific food, and fell in love with this great city all over again.  The End.


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    Teri said,

    So glad you made it safely and without incident this time. Now enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! Hope you have great weather (we woke up to an inch of snow this morning – go figure). It was 80 degrees last weekend and I’m ready for that to come back my way :) Have a wonderful, relaxing trip. Can’t wait to see all the photos you’ll be taking :)

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