It Sure Is Springy ‘Round Here

Spring is most definitely here.

My heart is happy.

Daffodils are in full bloom.

Forsythias are too.

Tulips are well on their way, as are leaves on the trees.

I have flip-flops on my piggies.

Temps have been absolutely perfect all week.

We had a spring thunder-storm this morning.

I can go for walks and not have to watch out for black ice.

Arle’s been wearing sun-dresses.

We had our first picnic of the year yesterday.

I can order iced drinks and Starbucks and not freeze my hiney off.

We made our first trip to TCBY for the year…many more trips are sure to follow.

I’ve been driving around with my windows down.

Easter is actually going to be accompanied by gorgeous weather this year.

My heart is happy.

Did I already say that?


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  1. 1

    Suzanne said,

    We are super-duper-happy for spring here, too! Karis has been itchin’ to wear sundresses and flip-flops since…well, since we put them away in the fall! Her heart is happy, too. If only NM spring didn’t come with nasty, destructive, brown-sky-makin’, I’ll-carry-away-small-children-if-they-aren’t-anchored-down-wind. At least there are pretty pink blossoms on the trees. Beggars can’t be choosers, right?

  2. 2

    woo woo! my heart is also happy!

  3. 3

    lindsay said,

    Nothing like some vitamin D to solve a myriad of problems. I need your landscaping gene to come over to my house and help!

  4. 4

    jami said,

    seriously, come over and re-design my yard.

    and let’s get something on the calendar so i can take your pics. the weather is glorious.

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