We Made The Cut

I definitely succeeded in having a perfectly lazy weekend.

Sushi on Friday night was super yummy and the company was great.  I even got all crazy and adventurous and ate straight up sashimi.

Trav was so proud of me.  But not nearly as proud as I was of him for eating the spicy mayo that drizzled one of our rolls.  What?  I haven’t ever mentioned Trav’s phobia of white condiments?  Well, he has one and it’s totally absurd.

Another post for another time.

Unfortunately, I did eventually (as Kristin knew I would) have to get out of my p.j.s.  We decided it was finally time to have Arle’s hair trimmed.  She made it through 31 months of life without one.  I held it together and snapped lots of pics through the whole ordeal.

She thought the whole thing was grand as they gave her a lollipop and put her in a snazzy blue car chair, which was perched in front of a TV playing Dora and all of her annoying friends.

Please pardon the “after” photos.  Not exactly the “after” look I was hoping for.  Once the lady finished cutting Arle’s lovely locks, she informed us that she would style her hair for free. She asked Arle if she wanted braids, pigtails, or a ponytail.

Arle said she would like a ponytail.

The lady then informed us that she would do her “signature ‘do” which turned out to not be a ponytail at all.  I’m still confused by the whole thing.  I mean, if you’re going to give the kid a choice, the least you can do is actually grant the request, right???

Thank goodness the cut is actually nice and even, though.  Plus, Arle’s hair still has some of that adorable natural flip to it that she had before.  I was absolutely convinced (and terrified) that it would go away once we cut it.

I’ll do my best to post a pic of her hair down, so you can actually see the difference.

Ta-ta for now!


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  1. 1

    Grammy said,

    Wow, what a big girl! She did great :) And what a cool set-up that salon has – blue car chair, lollipop, and TV to boot…..can’t beat it. You look beautiful, Arle!!

  2. 2

    bethany said,

    Cute! Good pics mom! Is this like Bijin for kids?

  3. 3

    jenny roby said,

    I told Josh that Travis ate mayo and his response? “WHAT?!?”

  4. 4

    Kim said,

    I don’t know why that 1st haircut is such a traumatic thing for moms of girls. I did the same thing on both of mine.

    Then, they’re never happy, as teen-agers or adults, with what you did with their hair AFTER the 1st cut. The pics never lie. You can’t win. Just do what you want while you can!

    I guess it’s about us not wanting our little darlings to grow up. Then, one day, you’ll be fussing over how SHE’S wanting to wear her hair, and, you’ll hear yourself say, “Why can’t you just GROW UP?!!”

    Arle, you look precious…now and forever!! XOXO

  5. 5

    oh my…that is a lovely after do. not a ponytail at all.

  6. 6

    Nancy said,

    The little pumpkin still looks cute…strange ponytails and all! I must say I sure do love your styling ability a million times better than the stylist!!! I was glad to see it was nice and long still!! Looks like Arle was the perfect client! XXOO

  7. 7

    Kate said,

    i am cracking up at the signature ‘do. it seems right up your alley… i don’t get it. ;) hope all is well!

  8. 8

    lindsay said,

    What the “h” is that after-do? Hilarious! Is it time for date nite again?

  9. 9

    Your Mother said,

    I am so proud of my big girl. I especially love the profile picture. Love.

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