A New Phase

Trav and I recently started talking about when Arle would get a “big girl bed.”

I told him I was perfectly fine with her staying in her crib until she tried to climb out.  I realize that day might never come, but whatev.

I just like that she’s unable to hop out of bed and barge into our bedroom whenever she wants.  What can I say…one of my biggest fears in life is…well…you know…her finding us…well…you know…

If that means having a 12-year-old in a crib, so be it.  It’s the price I’ll pay for my modesty.

Trav pointed out the fact that I was being completely ridiculous and informed me that he refused to have her in a crib past the age of three. At first, he said he wanted to make the transition right after Christmas.

I convinced him that we should aim for sometime this spring.

But then Arle’s friend Maddox just had to go and get a big boy bed.  Thanks a lot, Kent and Traci.  Arle promptly informed us that she wanted a big bed.

Day before yesterday, we were hanging out and playing when she suddenly stopped everything, looked up at me and said, “Let’s talk about my big girl bed.”

It’s definitely on her mind these days, so I’ve started a pretty serious search for the perfect bed and bedding for my spunky lil’ lady.

I don’t know why I can’t just be satisfied with something basic.  I want it to be fun and eclectic.  Colorful and unique.  Comfy and cozy.

I want to find a really fun old bed that I can re-finish.  I found a fabulous one at a flea market last Saturday for $50, but it was a full-size and Trav is standing firm on the idea of getting a twin.  He’s such a party-pooper.

Anybody out there have a twin bed they want to get rid of?

If so, let’s talk.


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  1. 1

    Maeghan said,

    You will wish you did the full size!!!!! Cameron only lasted 2 months in the toddler bed before we converted it into the big bed. And as for your fear, you would be pretty surprised at how sharp your ears become and how fast you can move! Thanks for the giggle this morning!

  2. 2

    Suzanne said,

    Too funny! Neither one of our kiddos ever tried to climb out. Declan just made the transition to his big bed about a month ago. He is very good at stealthily getting out of his room when he is supposed to be sleeping. Karis is the queen of “having a hard time going back to sleep” and finding her way into our bed in the wee hours. We do not have a lock on our bedroom doors (not our best decision when building our house!). Imagine my recurring trepidation. You WILL be discovered at least once. You’ll get through it. Not over it. Through it! Have fun on the big girl bed hunt!

  3. 3

    jenny roby said,

    Suzanne said it all, or alluded to it all. :) Twin beds are fine! I would discourage the “toddler” bed.

  4. 4

    annalee said,

    arle’s future buddy adelaide has transitioned quite well from crib to a full-sized bed. i have to say i think it’s in our advantage to move them before they try to crawl out of the crib because she still calls for us to come get her out of her “big girl bed” when she wakes up. we just put bed rails on both sides that can fold up or down.
    i fell out of my bed when i was two and broke my collarbone, but i don’t feel scarred from it. in fact, i’ve always liked the way my collarbone looks as an adult because of it.

  5. 5

    surely there are other ways to keep her out of your room. you are ridiculous.

  6. 6

    Grammy and Papa said,

    Twin bed with rails on both sides – or on one side with the other side against the wall…that’s how we did it when Trav, Lara and Brett were little, and it worked great! A “pro” for the twin bed – the room seems SO much bigger with a twin in it, and really, do little ones need BIG full beds? But in all fairness, a pro for the full-bed – well…if she is feeling under the weather, or you just want to sprawl out there with her and read to her, (or her read to you as she is smarter than the dickens, ya know), you have lots more room to lay with her in the full-sized bed, but it sure does take up a lot of room in the bedroom. Where will she put all of her toys? Have fun on the search. I’m sure Arle will love whatever you choose and it will be perfect for our little sweetie – especially after you put your decorating touch to work on it :) We’ll need photos when it’s in place.

  7. 7

    Your Mother said,

    I must say, with this blog, our relationship has just made a huge transition. I must also say, it is better when little ones walk in than big ones. (DID I JUST SAY THAT???) You started it.

  8. 8

    jami nato said,

    a) your mom is funny.

    b) it’s called doors! you shut them. then lock them.

    c)hmm, a fun bed takes time to find. in the spring, there will be lots of garage sales. you could try antique mission mall…be prepared to pay the price for the cuteness factor!

  9. 9

    Bob Z said,

    Hey Momdiggity –

    We have a twin bed frame, mattress, the works. It was O’s until we went with matching bed things last fall. My boss has all the details. You’re welcome to it.

  10. 10

    momdiggity said,

    I guess I should have made it clear that our door doesn’t shut or lock. One of the drawbacks of “this old house.” Boo.

  11. 11

    LaDawn said,

    I don’t get it, what is YOU KNOW WHAT?????

  12. 12

    LaDawn said,

    OH WAIT, I get it, well I don’t get IT, but I get what you are talking about. HA HA HA, it is basketball season around here and I am NOTHING right now until March!!!

    Happy Friday!!!

  13. 13

    Kim said,

    Ronnie Harris and I raised 2 girls to adulthood, that’s 18 years!, in the upstairs bedroom that had NO DOOR! (this old house….) It’s all about timing, timing, timing. Then, we moved over to this house, the kids still live at home, and it’s STILL all about timing, timing, timing. Man. Can you believe that your bed/bedding post would turn into this! About….you know….?

    Man (again), has your mom loosened up, OR WHAT!! Way to go, Nana!!


    ps…sorry, but, you can’t have the “grandbabies” beds out of our room. The bubbies still fight over who gets to sleep on the trundle one and they’re 8 & 9.

    pps…I can’t believe you have a nearly 3 yr. old who still hasn’t climbed out of her crib! Ronnie fell out of his when he was about 18 mo. old, and broke a collar bone. Emma Lou led him around on a dog leash w/ a sign that said,
    “Please don’t pick this little boy up.” It still didn’t heal right and is real cool looking. You’ll have to see it sometime!

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