As I mentioned earlier, Trav and I jetted off with some friends to Cali-forn-I-A last Thursday.  We had the best time and actually came home rejuvenated, rather than exhausted.  It was a super-duper relaxing trip, which was exactly what we were hoping for.

We flew into San Francisco and spent the first night there.  None of us had ever spent any time in SF, so we wanted to explore the city a bit.  We stayed at the W, which was a gorgeous hotel, but they totally gypped us by sticking us in a room with two double beds, rather than the king we had reserved.  Jerks.

That evening, we walked to a fabulous little restaurant called Anchor & Hope for an incredible dinner.  A+ for food, service, and atmosphere.

010The next day we ate breakfast at a San Fran institution called Sears.  We had heard lots of hype about this place and it didn’t disappoint.

We then took our time wandering the streets of Nob Hill and Chinatown.  Not sure who put the “Hill” after the “Nob,”  but I have a bone to pick with them.  It totally should be called Nob Mountain, but somehow, my out-of-shape-self made it up the “hill” without having a stroke.

After Nob Mountain, we headed to Chinatown and gazed upon nasty tasty looking stuff like this:


How does one look at this and think, “MMMmmmmm…dinner!”???

My favorite thing in Chinatown was the wording on this toy.  I’m easily amused:


“Batteries are not required as it works battery”

We finally decided it was time to hit the road, but couldn’t leave the city without the token Golden Gate Bridge photo.  For some reason being in front of a big bridge made me look extra chubby…or maybe I’m just plain chubby.  I’m going to stick with blaming it on the bridge.

050On our way to Napa, we stopped in Sausalito to eat lunch at Fish.  A friend recommended this place and I’m SO glad she did (thanks Kate!)!  Trav and I split the Crab Roll and afterward I declared it to be the BEST sandwich I’ve ever eaten.


Here’s to the Crab Roll

Are you sick of seeing lots of cheesy pics of me and the hubs, yet???  Didn’t think so.

But, because I’m hosting Bunko tonight and I need to cook and clean, I’m going to stop here.  I’ll finish up the rest of the vaca-re-cap in the morning. I know you’re just waiting on pins and needles to see Trav and Heather drinking wine, and Trav and Heather walking through the vineyards, and Trav and Heather eating some more, and Trav and Heather blah blah blah blah blah blah.  Exciting stuff, I provide here at Momdiggity.

Until then, dream of Crab Rolls.


4 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Your Mother said,

    So, did you not ride the trolleys up the mountain?

  2. 2

    jami nato said,

    please say you brought that toy back with you to give my children a piece of their heritage.

  3. 3

    that was a bit of a tease…i want more pics of heather and trav…you could throw in a few of evan and jessie too.

  4. 4

    kate said,

    um… i told you! SO good! :)

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