She’s On My Team

It seems as though I have a new advocate when it comes to domestic spats.  Someone with smarts, wit, and charm.  Someone willing to help me put Trav in his place when needed.

Someone we like to call “Lil’ Missy.”

On Sunday, as we were getting ready for church, Trav and I got into a debate over the color of his shirt.

Trav:  Which belt should I wear?

Me:  The brown one.

Trav:  Even though I’m wearing my Pumas?

Me:  Don’t wear your Pumas with that.  Wear your Asics.

Trav:  But this shirt is gray.

Me:  No it’s not.  It’s green.

Trav:  No, it’s gray.

Me:  No it’s heathered green, which still makes it green.

Trav:  It’s gray.

Me:  Fine, it’s gray.  You still shouldn’t wear your Pumas because they’re gray and do you really want to wear shoes that are matchy-matchy with your “gray” shirt?

Trav:  Arle, what color is Daddy’s shirt?

Arle (in her best 14-year-old tone):  Uh, green.

Did he argue with her?  No.  He put on his brown belt, his Asics, and off we went.


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  1. 1

    Jill Gearheard said,

    this rocks! Faith always takes my side too :) Gotta love it!

  2. 2

    Your Mother said,

    Always, Always, Always ask Itty-Bitty Fashionista. It’s her job.

  3. 3

    i just can’t believe y’all had that in depth of a convo about pumas or asics. i mean, i’m picky about my colors and all, but that is impressive.

    glad you have an advocate.

  4. 5

    jami nato said,

    i mean, we have those conversations over here too. layne has no interest in helping with fashion though. lila, hurry up and get 4!

  5. 6

    Rhonda said,

    Go Arle!! Lu knows how Travis feels! He would never argue with Cammie- when she was 2 or today!

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