Adoption Story: Part II

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I’ve written many times in the past about my ability to jump into things without really thinking first.  It seems as though I’ve done it again.

As I sat down to write Part II of this story, it occurred to me that I was a bit hasty in my decision to just put this out there without thinking of those who share this story with us.  It’s been over two weeks since I posted Part I and, since then, I’ve attempted writing Part II over and over again, in many different ways.  I’ve written, I’ve deleted, I’ve tried to write again, then I’ve deleted again.

The problem is this: the story isn’t just mine, Travis’, and Arle’s to tell.  It’s also the story of Arle’s precious birth family and they are so incredibly important to us.

The last thing I want is to make them re-live that difficult time in their lives.  I can’t even imagine how painful it is to be on the other side of an adoption and to have to give up a baby that you love so dearly.

Adopting Arle was the most happy and exciting thing we’ve ever experienced.  But for her birth family, it was the most painful and difficult time of their lives.

During the adoption process, we bonded in a way that not many adoptive families are able to do.  We went through a lot together, during a very short amount of time.  They became part of our family and we treasure the relationship we have with them so very much.

The story, from beginning to end, truly is a testament of the faithfulness of God and there were so many things He perfectly put into place during those six weeks that we were preparing for Arle to come into this world.

Yes…I said SIX weeks.  From the moment I received “the phone call that changed our lives forever,” to the moment our sweet baby girl was born, we had six weeks to prepare.  In those six weeks, time and time again, the Lord confirmed that He was in control of EVERYTHING.  So many roadblocks were thrown our way, but He came to the rescue each and every time.

Even though I would love to tell you all of the little stories within the big story, I feel that now is not the time.

Yes, telling the entire story would make a fabulous blog entry, but our relationship with Arle’s birth family is so much more important to me than this silly blog.

I’ve spent a lot of time praying about this, and after writing Part I and seeing the response, I truly believe this story had the impact the Lord intended it to have.  I was blown away as I read all of the comments on the post, as well as all of the emails and FB messages people sent.

So many of you are dealing with infertility or know someone who is.  My best friend, Virginia, tells me often that her prayer for me is that the Lord will bring the children He has for me.  It’s so easy to tell God how you think things should be done, but it makes so much more sense to just ask Him to do what He knows is best.

I realize that hindsight is 20/20 and all, but I can honestly look back on our two and a half years of trying to get pregnant and thank the Lord that it never happened.  If it had, we probably would have missed out on having this amazing little girl as our daughter, and I don’t even want to think about life without Arle Elizabeth.

For those of you who are dealing with infertility or know someone who is, I’m joining with you to pray that the Lord will bring the children He has for you or your friends, in His way, and His time.

Because that’s when it’s perfect.


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  1. 1

    Susan Hile said,

    OK, I have become a blog stalker. Not just a blog stalker, but YOUR blog stalker. (Hopefully you are not creeped out by that fact.) I am disappointed that it is not the time to share this precious story, but I am so impressed with your faithfulness to God and your precious friendship. Thanks for sharing part one. I was very blessed to have read it. After reading through many of your blog entries I know Arle is so blessed to have you and Travis too. However children come into our lives it is always amazing to see how God works out each detail to be tailored to us. He continues to amaze me!

    Much love,

  2. 2

    Rana Jameson said,

    “It’s so easy to tell God how you think things should be done, but it makes so much more sense to just ask Him to do what He knows is best.”

    This was the best part for me! Thank you so much Heather for sharing this with me today – it’s exactly what I needed to hear!

  3. 3

    Maeghan said,

    Nicely done. It brought tears to my eyes for so many different reasons. It is Gods plan and if we are patient while in the hall the right door will open! Thank you for letting us in!

  4. 4

    Pam said,

    Heather, You have used much wisdom. I believe this writing will encourage even more than if you’d given every detail. The relationship is indeed the most important thing. Bless you for being obedient to the leading of the Lord. Sometimes He has us keep to ourselves great things until the most ” perfect time”, which is not usually the time we would choose. Love,

  5. 5

    Nancy said,

    Thank you Heather…I love you all very much.

  6. 6

    annalee said,

    part II touched me yet again. i admire your integrity in writing this part. the details are not needed to share what an amazing testimony of God’s love and master plan arle is!

  7. 7

    Paula said,

    Heather, you handled it just beautifully – the story brought tears of happiness and sadness for me at the same time as I read the story.

  8. 8

    Kendra Kennedy Menchaca said,

    Your words are BEAUTIFUL!!! Who knew that you were such a talented author?!?! The honesty and sincerity shine in your adoption posts…AND like Rana, I appreciate the reminder of “It’s so easy to tell God how you think things should be done, but it makes so much more sense to just ask Him to do what He knows is best.” God bless you and your family!!! HUGS!!!

  9. 9

    Flo Carrion said,

    Heather, thank you for being so beautiful and sincere. You, Travis and your baby Arle have a very special place in our lives with the rest of your family.

    Love you.
    Flo from Tabasco, Mx.

  10. 10

    you are precious. i know so many of those details and the best part of the whole story is that God is faithful. even though i didn’t know you at that time and didn’t walk through all of that with you…arle will always be a reminder to me of how faithful the Lord is. i am glad you couldn’t get pregnant for those two years because i am blessed by arle’s smile and her precious comments and her loving heart ALL the time!

  11. 11

    Kristin L. said,

    Beautifully written. Love this line: “It’s so easy to tell God how you think things should be done, but it makes so much more sense to just ask Him to do what He knows is best.” Amen, sister.

  12. 12

    Your Mother said,

    As always, I am so blessed to be your mother and Arle’s grandmother. You, Travis and Arle have so much to praise God for in your lives. His faithfulness is everlasting, but I know He has also honored you for your faithfulness. I love you, all.

  13. 13

    Kim said,

    When all of Arle’s WHOLE family finally came together….before, during and after her birth, that new and expanded family (and the relationshiips that resulted) was what God was doing all along. He found in you and Travis someone who He could trust completely to show His heart in these matters. Because His heart lives in both of you, Arle has her whole family to love and enjoy her.

    You know how many, many, many parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins my grandchildren have? It gets a little confusing, at times, for US, BUT the kids are never confused. They just know that all of these people are their family and that they are loved by each one of them. Arle has that kind of family.
    Don’t worry, she’ll never be confused.

    Proverbs 8:11 says that wisdom is more precious than rubies. You, dear daughter, are more precious than all the treasures in the whole world. Your wisdom and compassion are a sweet fragrance to the Lord and have poured out over Arle’s family like a healing balm.

    God is proud of you and so am I. I love you like my own.


  14. 14

    Stacee said,

    This is beautiful Heather. Well done.

  15. 15

    Jenny said,

    Wow–this is the first time I have read this. I often think about how all of this came to be and wondered how I would tell the story if it were mine to tell. I have always known you are an amazing young woman and the story you have shared just reinforces that.

  16. 16

    cbrueggie said,

    so good to “meet” another adoptive mom who hurts for their kids’ biological parents.

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