Hello, Decanter. Goodbye, Decanter.

Do you remember when I was griping about how my parents forgot to bring our wine decanter the last time they came to visit?

Well, they remembered to bring it on this trip.  They were flying this time, instead of driving, so it took a lot of extra TLC to bring it all the way to KC in one piece.

My Mother had actually said she was going to send it with my sister, but I put up some resistance to that idea.  I mean, she’s 17-years-old and I just didn’t know if she could handle the responsibility of carrying a fragile item all the way to KC.

So Mother brought it when she came on Friday.

Within minutes of walking in the front door, she presented it to me.  She was so proud of herself for remembering it, and also for not breaking it on the flight.  She had wrapped it inside of a pashmina my brother bought me in Peru, then packed it inside of a gorgeous handbag she brought me as an early birthday present.

I was so excited about all the gift-age before me!

I carefully pulled the decanter out and unwrapped it.  Then I walked into the kitchen to sit it on the counter and out of harms way.

I gently set it down, but then heard a crash.

It had been so long since I had seen that dear, sweet decanter that I had forgotten it leans sideways, not straight up.  When I sat it down straight up, it wasn’t balanced and immediately tipped over, hit the granite, and the spout shattered off.

Leave it to me.



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  1. 1

    Your Mother said,

    Better you, my darling, than your sister or me. TeeHee…

  2. 2

    maeghan said,

    Ouch! Patrick has a fondness for decanters, please come take one of the many in the basement. Don’t tell him I told you too…..

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