It’s A Pet Peeve

Yesterday, while at Costco, I snagged the latest Sophie Kinsella hardback.  It was released just this week and I couldn’t wait to get home and dive into some good “chick-lit.”

After making dinner, cleaning up the kitchen, and playing a game of baseball with Trav in the front yard that involved a weird ball with lots of holes and using Arle’s plastic rake as a bat, I finally got the chance to plop down in the chair-and-a-half and crack open the pages of my new book.

How’s that for a run-on sentence???

The first thing I always do is read the book jacket just to give myself a little teaser.

I was sadly disappointed with what I read.  One of my all-time pet peeves jumped off the page and punched me right in the face.

Kind of.

In describing the book, at one point the words on the jacket said, “Sadie, however, could care less.”  How on earth did this make it through editing???  Shame on you, Sophie.  I’ve decided to go ahead and allow you to remain one of my two favorite authors for now, but you better watch yourself…you’re treading on thin ice, my dear.

I realize somebody might be sitting in front of their computer, scratching their noggin, and trying to figure out what’s wrong with that phrase.

I’m sure there’s a possibility of ruffling some feathers here, but it drives me bonkers when people say, “I could care less.”  It makes no sense.  You should say, “I couldn’t care less.”

If you “could care less”, then you should probably get back to me when you “couldn’t care less” because then I’ll know you’ve reached the end of your rope and you really don’t care.

See what I mean?

I’m feeling kinda sassy today and just had to get this off my chest.  Whew.  I feel so much better now.

Happy Thursday!


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  1. 1

    Suzanne said,

    I am so with you on this point! As you know, I’m a grammar geek. I used to take a pencil and circle all the mistakes I found in books. I’ve grown since then. OK, it’s not that I’ve grown as much as I have two small children now and much less time to focus on such things. I do oftentimes contemplate writing a letter to the editor just to make sure they are aware of the mistakes. It’s ridiculous, I know. Anyway, let me know how the book is. I almost got it at the library yesterday but opted for the new Madelyn Wickham book instead.

  2. 2

    Suzanne said,

    Correction: Madeleine Wickham

  3. 3

    LaDawn said,

    Oh my friend, you should try teaching language arts in today’s world. Take the Twilght series; all 4 books, the titles are lower case??? WHY??? My favorite TV show, Brothers and Sister, title and all names lower cased?? Don’t even get me started on what Iming and texting has done to our kiddos and their writing. I have to teach texting as a genre in itself!! UGH!!!

    Oh, another note, Brandon and I bought a game for Cohen, called swingball (Toys-R-Us, $30.00). FUN, you and Trav would love it. We play it more than Cohen.

    Happy Friday!!!

  4. 4

    annalee said,

    I had NO idea about this until I met Evan. It didn’t take long to make the switch to saying, “I couldn’t care less,” after he explained it. Now I notice others making the same mistake all the time. Your explanation was well-written, and I feel certain that book will still be good. I love some Sophia Kinsella!
    On a side note, in defense of the lowercase writing, I feel the need to say I am completely capable of writing with capitals. I just like my handwriting better in all lowercase, or all caps, so on my blog I write in all lowercase because it seems more like me. Just wanted to make sure you knew you weren’t making friends with an uneducated writer:)

  5. 5

    annalee said,

    correction: Sophie Kinsella

  6. 6

    jenny roby said,

    My mom drilled this into my head along with a great many other grammatical highlights one should not tread through life without! She was an english major and felt it was her duty to raise me accordingly. So, I was the only biology major with a minor in english! HA! My mom calls herself a “grammar ninja”!

  7. 7

    Your sister said,

    It drives me nuts when people say, “I could care less”! I completely understand how you feel. I didn’t realize Sophie Kinsella had a new book. I’ll have to check that out. I’m hooked on her because of you. I’ll be seeing you in 10 days!!!

  8. 8

    LaDawn said,

    Annalee—-I have no problems with how you write, it is just really hard to teach writing in today’s society. If my students didn’t have to worry about passing a standardized state writing test, I really wouldn’t care how they write as long as they were writing.

    I will still be your friend! :-)

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