That Was Awesome

Our holiday weekend was fantastic.

We celebrated the day with our friends, Kent, Traci, Logan, and Maddox.  We went to a local Fourth of July celebration and the kiddos had a great time.  The girls went through one of those huge bouncy-obstacle-course/slide-thingamajigs for their first time ever and they both loved it.

Here’s Logan waiting for the “green light” to let her in.


Here’s Miss waiting for her turn and getting a pep talk from her Daddy. You can tell she’s soaking in each and every word.


We decided Trav needed to escort Arle, because she would have never been able to navigate the place on her own.

But then, Arle totally beat Trav to the top.  See her little noggin peeking over the edge???


And, finally, there’s Trav.  Geez, what took you so long???


Here comes our little dare devil.


Check out this form.


“I wanna do again!  I wanna do again!”

073After all that hard work, she took a Cheddar Bunny break.


That night, we went to a park and watched some fabulous fireworks.

This was Arle’s first year to actually see fireworks and we weren’t sure how she would react.  She absolutely loved them, though, and didn’t seem the least bit freaked out by all the noise and hoopla.

As a parent, there’s something so fascinating about watching your child experience something new and exciting for the first time.  I loved watching her expressions, answering all of her questions about what to expect, hearing her “ooohs and ahhhs” in the moment, and listening to her say, “That was awesome!!!!” over and over and over again, as we walked back to the car.

She even said, “Thank you, Momma-Daddy!” as we headed home.  It was as though she thought we had put on the show just for her.


4 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    jenny roby said,

    That is exactly how she should feel! Love this post!

  2. 2

    Grammy said,

    Arle is such a sport! How awesome that she embraces and loves all these new experiences! Sure wish we could have shared them all with you. I would have loved to have seen it first-hand. But since we couldn’t be there, this post was the BEST! We’ll miss you guys this week in Telluride!! Love you all!!!!

  3. 3

    rkingsley said,

    I love her pink cheeks from playing so hard. That’s the best!

  4. 4

    Your Mother said,

    She feels confident that every good thing that happens to her comes from Momma-Daddy…and rightfully so. We miss ya’ll so much. Love.

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