My Poor Achin’ Back

impatiensIn a continued effort to give our landscape a makeover, I spent almost eight hours outside planting yesterday.

I had this grand plan to plant a lot of impatiens in our front bed so that there will be a huge hot pink shock of color for our neighbors’ viewing pleasure.  I went to the garden center on Monday and purchased five flats of the itty-bitty plants.

Do you know how many plants are in five flats?  240, that’s how many.

I’m not exactly a math wiz and didn’t even take the time at the garden center to think about how many plants I was buying.  I was just sure that five flats would get the job done and even hoped I would have some leftovers for my pots on the deck.  If I had taken the time to do the math, I would have probably put a flat back, thinking there’s no way I would possibly need that many.

Once, I finished planting the first flat I realized I had a long road ahead of me.  First of all, I knew I had grossly UNDER-estimated the amount of flowers it would take to fill the bed tightly enough to achieve the look I’m going for.  Plus, it took forever to dig up my icky clay soil and amend it with the, uh, “amendments.”   I was outside from 9am ’til 4:40pm and had finished planting all 240 impatiens.  My back hurt, my shoulders hurt, my neck hurt, my knees hurt, my fingertips hurt.

But, the job’s still not complete.  I probably need three more flats just to finish.  Crazy, I know.

The teeny-tiny little things better come through for me and grow big and lush and flowery and hot pink and wonderful.

And all the little critters better leave them alone.  I’m considering posting a sign warning all of the squirrels that we are now proud owners of a firearm.  Maybe I should have Trav take a pic of me with the gun, just to show ’em we mean business.  They usually don’t mess with impatiens, but after watching me slave away all day they’re probably planning an attack just to see me cry.  Click here to read about the mayhem they’ve caused in the past.

I have a feeling I’m overcompensating for the eye-sore our yard has been over the past few months.  It’s like I feel the need to make up for it…to give our neighbors a reason to forgive our landscaping sins of the past.

Hopefully, none of our neighbors will want to come inside our house anytime soon because it’s a disaster zone right now, due to all of my attention being on the exterior aesthetics.  If you’re planning on dropping by, please call first.


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  1. 1

    Carolyn said,

    Impatients multiply!!!! If you don’t get the exact look you’re after right now, be patient (no pun intended) they will really fill in throughout the summer.

    You should post pictures!

  2. 2

    Your Mother said,

    The evidence of a beautiful flower bed is very rewarding!! Have I ever said, how proud of you I am? :)

  3. 3

    Yansci said,

    I think you were very ambitious! I planted about 12 plants and thought my back would never be the same. So, I admire your energy. However, I am wondering if the beautiful yard will make up for the lack of Momdiggity articles these last couple of days. Don’t you realize that some of us check the site every day, all day long, until there is a new posting? What does that say about my life, or lack thereof? Don’t let me make you feel too guilty. Just remember your adoring public! I await a new posting with bated breath!

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