Let’s Potty!!

So, as I mentioned yesterday, last week was filled with lots of blogging material.  As Trav would say, it was “blogtastic”.  I’m worried that I won’t be able to do today’s story any justice, but I’m going to go ahead and try.  It’s really a story that’s better told in person so I can actually use hand motions and all, but here we go.

On the first day we were in New Mexico, we went to visit my grandparents.  We were all sitting in the living room talking, when suddenly Arle walked to the middle of the room and started pulling her shirt up with one hand and pulling her pants down with the other.

I said, “What are you doing?  Do you want to go potty?”

Since she’s never gone “potty” before, I never expected her to make a beeline to the toilet, but that’s exactly what she did.  I immediately got up to see what she was doing and by the time I made it to the restroom, she was peering inside the toilet with a very determined look on her face.  I decided to just see what would happen, took her pants and diaper off, and sat her up on the throne.

She didn’t even flinch at the odd feeling of her tiny hiny hanging over a hole filled with water, but instead just dangled her little legs and had the most serious face on.  I was squatting down in front of her with my hands on her knees when whe noticed a kleenex in my hand.

She immediately grabbed it from me and reached behind herself to wipe, then promptly brought the kleenex to her nose to wipe it, then back to the bum, then back to the nose, then opened her legs and wiped in the front.  At this point (through my laughter) I told her we needed to throw the tissue in the toilet, but she refused to do it until I pulled her off and she could turn around to see what she was doing.

I finally got her to let go of it, but then she immediately stuck her hand INSIDE the toilet to pull the tissue out!  I was completely grossed out by the entire thing, but trying to be the encouraging supporting Mommy at the same time.

Do you cheer for your daughter when she wipes her nose with the same tissue she just wiped her bum with????   I explained that you do NOT do this, but gave her a hip-hip-hooray for attempting the entire thing.  Luckily, Arle doesn’t mind if you laugh at her, because my mom and I were laughing throughout the whole process.

She actually seems to enjoy entertaining us and I guess she saw this as one more opportunity to do just that.  She asked to go potty a few more times while we were there, but has yet to deposit anything into the toilet other than tissue.   Unfortunately, I have no pics or videos to show you from our potty adventures.  I figure someday Arle’s going to be mortified to find out I’ve shared this story with the world and I’m afraid posting photos might really upset her.


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