I’m So White…Or Am I???

I’m often asked what nationality I am.  For example, on Saturday I decided to go to Nordstrom to have my eyes dolled up for the party we were attending that evening.  An African American lady was smokin’ my eyes up and attaching my fake lashes then suddenly asked what race I am (I’m sure the Tan Van played a role in this situation, but still…).  I shrugged my shoulders and said, “I’m just white.”  She assured me that somewhere down the road I was something other than white.  Anywho, after reading up on the following website – www.stuffwhitepeoplelike.com – I’m thinking she might know something I don’t.  Although most of the items on the list describe me dead on, many of them are things that are so NOT me. 

The following are things I love and provide some evidence that I’m white:

#112 – Hummus  Yum…

#111 – Pea Coats I love ALL coats

#107 – Self-aware Hip Hop References  Uh…Momdiggity?  Yodiggity.

#106 – Facebook I’m an addict

#105 – Unpaid Internships  Been there, done that.

#97 – Scarves  I collect them.

#76 – Bottles of Water Ozarka keeps me hydrated.

#48 – Whole Foods  Just pulling into the parking lot makes me feel healthier.

#43 – Plays  Everybody needs a little bit o’ culture.

#42 – Sushi  Yum…

#39 – Netflix  A must for parents.

#36 – Breakfast Places  Breakfast rocks.

#26 – Manhattan  One of my all-time-favorite destinations

#24 – Wine Yum…

#19 – Traveling  Who doesn’t like to travel?

#5 – Farmer’s Markets  Again, I feel healthier just being here.

#1 – Coffee  Super yum…

Here’s some of the evidence that says I’m not white b/c I couldn’t care less about these things (and in some cases, despise these things):

#113 – Halloween  Read Halloween Shmalloween and you’ll understand.

#110 – Frisbee Sports  I just don’t get them.

#100 – Bumper Stickers  Ugly.

#90 – St. Patrick’s Day  I don’t like beer, so it really doesn’t make sense for me to like this holiday.

#86 – Shorts  I don’t like my legs and avoid shorts always.

#53 – Dogs  My biggest fear is to be eaten by a dog.

#46 – The Sunday New York Times  Way too big.

#33 – Marijuana  Never tried it, never will.

#32 – Vegan/Vegetarianism  I heart meat.

#31 – Snowboarding  I’m a skier and think snowboarders are mean.

#27 – Marathons  I despise running. 

#17 – Hating Their Parents  I heart my parents.

#8 – Barack Obama  I voted for McCain.

#2 – Religions Their Parents Don’t Belong To I love Jesus and so do my parents.

So, what do you think????  Am I white or not????  I have no idea.  I’m so confused.

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  1. 1

    Kristin said,

    you are definitely not white. i mean you don’t like bumper stickers? definitely cannot be anglo if your car isn’t plastered with all kinds of cheesy sayings.

  2. 2

    Amy Strong said,

    I guess I am not a little confused about myself….I thought I was white, but now i dont know. I hate sushi, all kinds of alcohol (with the exception of Whiskey Sours from Excalibur in Vegas) and hummus is just nasty. I love my Dog and wish I was in shape for a Marathon. You have now thoroughly confused me. Thanks Heather. ;0)

  3. 3

    Phyllis Brinkerhoff said,

    I love whatever you are. You have so many talents, energy and love for your family. I love that. Since I have had my 81st birthday, and looking forward to our 60th ( wedding anniversary!!!!!), I see you through eyes that say—“I used to be able to do some of that!!! I have a wonderful husband–two wonderful daughters, who live close (one who prepared our Thanksgiving dinner——-you will learn), two loving grandchildren and a 7month old beautiful and already loving Great Granddaughter and her mother! Life is good and I have much to be thankful for–we love Arle and Travis too!! Love having you as neighbors!!!!!!!!Phyllis

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